Easy to moderate, 2 km, 1 to 2 hour return walk through a narrow chasm with some large boulders to be scrambled over.

Echidna Chasm is one of the highlights of the park. The walk begins at the Echidna Chasm car park, 19 km north of the visitor centre.
It is a moderately difficult with a short challenging climb near the end. The gorge is a spectacular long, narrow chasm. It has striking colour variations, depending on the angle of the sun beaming into the chasm, with Livistonia palms waving from the 200 m high ridges above. This area is understandably popular with photographers. The amazing conglomerate boulders strewn along the path provide a clue to the sedimentary origin of the Bungle Bungle Range.

Osmand Lookout
You can walk to this lookout from the Echidna Chasm Car park to gain fantastic views of the dry, wild and rugged Osmand Range. It is enjoyable at any time of day but spectacular in the early morning or late afternoon light.

Echidna Chasm walk
Easy to moderate, 2km, 1 to 2 hour return walk with challenging short climb near the end.  Experience a spectacular 200-metre chasm with varying colour hues.  A short walk off the main trail takes youto a look out with magnificent views of the Osmand Range.


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